Understanding Aquaponics And Its Benefits

Aquaponics is not a popular term and one may pose a question what is aquaponics. This is a style of farming whereby an aquaculture system is set up. In this system, aquatic animals such as snails, prawns and aquaponics fish are reared and their excretion which is accumulated in water is used to supply nutrients for hydroponically grown plants. There is mutual benefits for both plants and animals as the plants get nutrients from water and in turn purifies it which is recycled and used by animals as fresh water again. This article gives ideas on how to aquaponic and its benefits. 

There are a number of benefits that comes with setting up an aquaponics system as a style of farming as compared to other methods. These benefits include;

It is a way of investment
Aquaponic system involves rearing of aquatic animals as well as growing vegetables at home. The products are used at home and the surplus can be sold to make money. This saves the cost that would have been incurred to buy vegetable and fish and at the same time be a source of income out of the sales made.

Saves on space
Comparing to other methods of farming whereby by plants are spaced adequately, in aquaponic system plants have very little space left in between and still grow well. The roots of the plants are completely submerged in water which is very rich in nutrients and therefore grows well without the fear of overcrowding. This makes it possible to grow a lot of vegetable in a small space which would not be the case on other home gardens.

Cost effective
Although the initial setup cost of this system may be high, it is considered cost effective in the long-run as some of the activities such as weeding, watering and pest control are completely eliminated. As compared to other gardens where plants grow in soil, no weed and pests are found in aquaponics system as there is no soil but rather plants grow in water and therefore there no costs incurred for pesticides, weeding and watering.

Promotes a healthy way of eating
Aquaponics fish and vegetables are to a great extent considered safe for consumption as no chemicals are involved. Most of the chemicals used for pest control and fertilizers in other home gardens may be hazardous and unsafe for consumption. In addition, since the vegetables and fish are readily available, one is likely to it them more often than it would be the case when one has to get them from the market, a fact that promotes a healthy way eating.

Less tedious
No bending is required during harvesting as this system is set up in a favorable level whereby one is able to work while standing without straining. Moreover, all the activities that require energy such as weeding, watering and pesticide application are not done on this system and therefore it is very easy to operate.

For anyone who wants a home garden that saves on space, cost effective and is less tedious, aquaponics system is the way to go. This will come with added benefits such as promotion of a healthy way of eating and an extra source of income.